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5-Days Marketing Challenge

Join intensive 5-Day Challenge and discover the secrets to digital performance marketing mastery by GrowthFather.

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5 Days

Pre-recorded videos + Zoom QnA

March 4th ( Mon ) - March 8th ( Fri )

8 PM - 9 PM IST

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What does “5-Day Marketing Challenge” mean for you?

For everyone, it’s different…

Maybe you’re just starting your business journey. You’ve got big dreams but figuring out digital marketing feels like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces.

For others, you’re entrepreneurs with your own company… but you’re hitting a wall. You’ve tried everything in digital marketing, hired experts, but nothing seems to move the needle. You’re stuck, and you’re not sure why.

Then, there are those of you in a job that just isn’t right. You dream of more – maybe even making a leap into digital marketing – but the ‘how’ and ‘why’ it works feels like a mystery.

And then there are those of you looking for that breakthrough marketing strategy, the one that will amplify your impact on the world.

Before I reveal MY VISION for how this “5 Days Marketing Mastery” can transform YOUR journey, let me pose a few questions…

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Aim to grow your customer base without increasing your advertising budget?

Looking for marketing strategies that fit your unique business?

Want to create irresistible offers that customers can’t say no to?

Want to start using advanced tools effortlessly for better results?

Looking for a clear entry point into a digital marketing career?

Wondering which marketing channel is best for your business?

Need to know how to easily research and beat your competitors?

Looking for a straightforward way to track marketing results?

Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision...?

Let Me Break Down All The Awesome Stuff You’ll Get When You Join The Challenge Today!

1. The Strategy

Kickstart your journey with essential strategies through a targeted 30-minute video each day. These sessions, delivered by your guide, will cover the foundational elements of digital marketing. Engage with the community by networking and sharing insights with facilitators and peers in discussions.

2. The Tactics

After strategy comes action. Get step-by-step instructions and practical demonstrations through videos and a digital workbook. Expect to spend 30-60 minutes daily transforming strategic insights into actionable tactics.

3. Implementation

The culmination of your journey is a comprehensive 3-hour webinar on the final day. This session is designed to bring everything together, providing an in-depth exploration of applying digital marketing strategies and tactics in real-world scenarios. Prepare for a deep dive into practical application, ensuring you leave not just with knowledge but with actionable steps to elevate your digital marketing game.

Hear from GrowthFather Clients


I've been working with GrowthFather for over a year now, and they've been instrumental to the growth of our brand.

They do a fantastic job in setting up and managing our ads, SEO and they're always available to answer questions.

Suhail VP

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Nucore


I can always count on GrowthFather to provide a well-rounded campaign that meets our company's needs. They are very open to new ideas and suggestions and are eager to help us meet our growth goals.

GrowthFather has been a great partner for us as we continue to grow and scale our business. They have a great team that is always looking for ways to meet our company objectives and they provide a tremendous amount of value in their work.

Munawar Salih

Chief Growth Officer at MSCA & MSATC


I am so happy with GrowthFather. They helped deliver results that we've never seen before. The team is super professional and knowledgeable and always delivers on time.

GrowthFather team quickly became an actual advertising extension of our AJINORAH team, and we successfully positioned ourselves #1 in the industry.

Aji Mathew

Managing Director at AJINORAH

Also... When You Get Started Today,

You’ll Also Get These Amazing Bonuses!

5 Days of Video Coaching from Niyas

Exclusive access to five detailed video coaching sessions with Niyas, each delving into a crucial aspect of digital marketing. These sessions range from basic to advanced strategies, packed with actionable advice to help participants navigate the digital marketing landscape effectively.

3-Hour Live Webinar

An engaging and interactive live webinar that includes a deep dive into digital marketing strategies, live Q&A, and practical demonstrations. This intensive session is designed to consolidate learning, answer pressing questions, and provide hands-on experience with real-time feedback.

Explore 10+ AI & Marketing Tools

A special bonus offering an exploration of over 10 cutting-edge AI and marketing tools. Participants will receive tutorials and use cases for each tool, empowering them to harness the latest technologies to enhance their marketing strategies and operations.

Complete Sales and Marketing Checklist (100+ Items)

This comprehensive checklist covers over 100 critical sales and marketing tasks and considerations, ensuring thorough preparation and execution at every stage of the marketing funnel. It’s an essential tool for streamlining processes and achieving marketing excellence.

Creative Checklist for Both Ad and Social Media

A carefully designed checklist that guides participants through the creation of high-impact ad and social media creatives. It includes design principles, copywriting tips, and platform-specific recommendations, aiding in the production of compelling content that engages audiences and drives conversions.

Revenue Forecast Calculator

An intuitive calculator that allows participants to forecast revenue growth through various scenarios. By inputting specific metrics and assumptions, users can generate realistic revenue projections, aiding in strategic planning and goal setting for their businesses.

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5 Day Challenge Feedback Videos

FAQs for "5 Days Marketing Challenge"

Can I really transform my marketing skills in just 5 days?
Absolutely! Our 5-day video coaching, led by Niyas MK, is designed to fast-track your understanding of digital marketing. Each session builds upon the last, ensuring you grasp both the breadth and depth of effective strategies.
What will the 3-hour live webinar cover?
Think of it as the grand finale where everything comes together. We’ll dive deeper into applying what you’ve learned, tackle your burning questions live, and even walk through real-life examples to solidify your knowledge.
I’m not tech-savvy. Will I benefit from learning about AI & marketing tools?
Yes, you will! We’ve tailored our exploration of AI and marketing tools to be as user-friendly as possible. With step-by-step guides and practical use cases, you’ll see how these tools can make your marketing efforts more efficient, even if you’re not a tech expert.
Is the Complete Sales and Marketing Checklist really that comprehensive?
We’ve left no stone unturned. With over 100 items, this checklist will guide you through every step of your sales and marketing journey, ensuring you don’t miss a beat and maximize your strategies’ effectiveness.
How can the Creative Checklist help me with Ad and Social Media?
This checklist is your secret weapon for creating ads and social media content that stands out. It covers everything from design and copywriting to platform guidelines, helping you craft messages that resonate and engage.
I’m worried about making revenue forecasts. How complex is the calculator?
There’s no need to worry! Our Revenue Forecast Calculator is designed with simplicity in mind. It’s a straightforward tool that will help you visualize potential growth scenarios and make informed decisions about your business strategies.
What if I can’t attend the live webinar session?
We understand life gets busy, which is why attendees will have access to a recording of the webinar. You won’t miss out on the insights and interactive learning experience.
Who is this webinar best suited for?
Whether you’re a marketing newbie, a business owner, or someone looking to sharpen their digital marketing skills, this webinar is for you. Our resources are crafted to offer value at any skill level.

Beyond Just Another Digital Marketing Course: Our Premier Google Partnership Sets Us Apart

In the vast sea of digital marketing education, it’s rare to find a beacon that truly guides you to success. We’re proud to say we’re not just another company offering a digital marketing course. Our unique position as a Premier Partner of Google elevates our course to a level of distinction shared by only the elite. Being a Premier Partner of Google is an accolade that only 3% of Google partners worldwide can boast, and in India, this badge of excellence is held by merely 51 companies. This isn’t just a title—it’s a testament to our unparalleled expertise, dedication to innovation, and commitment to delivering the highest quality digital marketing education.

Still Not Convinced? - GrowthFather Success Stories

Our GrowthFather journey is paved with success stories that reflect not just our proficiency but our commitment to transforming businesses.